The InDelibiliTy Of Experience= (con)-Forming to the arT of nOn-arT in LiviTy

TRANCE-FORMATIONS  : Uncharted  Territories

tHE USEFUL thingS wiThin the audaCity of human aberrAtions falter between the anOMaly of unprojected hope and the LeGion of possiBilites which have neVer been fulfilled given the mundane limited earth-bound cosmo-budgetization of iT-s MaterialiZationpOtentialities.This discourse presEnts a daunting overture,a syMphonic landscape that poses a challenge to tHe untraineD mind of projectionpotentialisms. thE Nature on/in which we inhabit, is a vast pronouncement of the exact instru-mental keYs, that, if played witHiN an Exactitude of RoTaTionalPlanetarygesturinG,its buoyancy will Be ELeVated to an Etheric level-dimension never before encountered In the interplanet-Scapes. THis bouyancy Is the cUSp of of a signal unheard,undetected and intangible but is very much an unfathomable energy forcE, this carrier oF sOundlessness- a new impossibilty of Reality.
We HAVE to Find these KEYS. The economy of non-political wiLL can enable a Fostering of a new MIND activation which must posit the perFORMER as Beacon.
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Earthology India 2008

  A Synopsis      

The Maguayapas are intuitive performance-sculptures.
They are sensorial engagements that are often part of an ongoing epic and /or series of works. These are informed by the following interdisciplinary expressions in which hyper-realism may become intrinsic to their perception:

- photographic-performance conversations, tableaux-vivant, employing a poetic narrative or non-narrative
- performance as procession  and sequences for video expression and other multi-media
- book works with drawing-dialogues and esoteric discourse
- environmental works- a continued investigation of re-form in the natural environment
- composed situations and installations which are mainly ephemeral.

This coinage is the culmination of several years of prduction of an organically strategic mechanism- a mechanism which utilizes the corporeal for the sculpturing possibilities of movement, whether performative in actual physicality or implied movement through stasis. Even though imbued with an intellectualism and a multi-layered narrative, the emphasis here, lay in the perpetual investigations and explorations of form.
This is its orientation.
The artist, through continued temporal processes- a superstructural apotheosis- has come upon the designation: Maguayapa. This monument of a particular, is hinged on a connected field of situations, which emanated from the artist’s original birth nation Trinidad and the world space as an integral part of the context. These situations are:
Ma (mother); Mas’ (masquerade); Guayaguayare (east coast location
Black Egg 2001

in Trinidad of an Aboriginal nation) and Gayap (gathering). These connecting links ‘clothe’ and ‘activate’ the performer. The performer is transformed and becomes an extension of herself. The Maguayapa sans performer, in a composed situation as a ‘Spatial Work’ also becomes a sculptural performance entity.
Therefore, the Maguayapa accentuates a series of works within the framework of the artist’s Experiential Art establishment. Within the framework of her Spatial Works epics-which encompass her composed settings, the Maguayapas essentially transform the wearer into another life-form. This explores the possibilities within the historical discourse of trajectoral impositions and the consequential designed existentialisms.
Cogni-Dysaesthesia 2007

Transcendentally, autobiography is the community of

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                                           Chasm 2006

Nation Dance 2012

Requiem/Rebirth 2004