A k u z u r u presents Trance-Formations: Doucement........de L'Eau Por L'ORI

A k u z u r u    Photo by Arnaldo James
TRANCE –FORMATIONS: Doucement……de l’Eau por L’ORI
A  Spatial-Work in 2 AK-Ts by   A K U Z U R U

A New Performance Work at the Perez Art Museum Miami-PAMM  April 2014

Her latest opus in a series of fertility movements, TRANCE –FORMATIONS: Doucement…… l’Eau por L’ORI, represents  A k u z u r u’ s  first live performance work in the United States at the museum. An epic presented in two ak-ts during two successive days, this new work seeks to embark on a conversation, which straddles the parallels of spirito-spatial dimensionalities and the contemporaneous gestures of the human and vast planetary being-scapes. Employing a somewhat magical realism into the poly-intertwining of her expanded ak-tion environments- an endeavor which will incorporate several dancers, horses and the audience in the equation- various spaces throughout the museum will be utilized as blank pages of a book where dots rather than words, blot the pages through an abstract super-structural narrative. Ak-t 1 Body Aphorisms followed by the second day’s Ak-t 2 The Knowing will involve an intense outdoor processional engagement of the space followed by indoor interventions utilizing designated rooms in the museum. Continual protracted ak-tions will take place during the course of the second day after the main Ak-t 2 performance. The artist asserts that: 
‘Trance’ connotes the electro-sensory firing within the corporeal that triggers the memory space, ak-tivating the potential exchange of ‘knowing’ through this interaction, unveiling one’s ORI within the conscient-sphere…… a mind-expansion endeavour, whereby, ORI- Projection establishes one’s reach along one’s meta-journey of advancement.’